International Women’s Day 2021

10 Mar

By: Matt Gaffney


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Fitted for Work ( and Enindico co-hosted a fifth successive International Women’s Day event on Wednesday 10 March. Fitted for Work CEO Donna de Zwart spoke of the ongoing challenges facing women and then a video featuring Khevana Patel was played to the attendees. Khevana had undertaken a Fitted for Work program and was selected by the Fitted for Work team to be the beneficiary of the Enindico Career Development Coaching Scholarship that Matt Gaffney had pledged at the International Women’s Day event in March 2020. Khevana spoke of the benefits of both the Fitted for Work program and the Scholarship and expressed her appreciation for both forms of support before wishing everyone ‘Happy International Women’s Day’. Matt then pledged another Enindico Career Development Coaching Scholarship to Fitted for Work and the team will identify a current or past program participant who can be the beneficiary of that Scholarship and undertake a one-on-one career development coaching program with Matt at no cost.

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