Career Development Coaching (1-on-1)

A smartly-scoped career development coaching program (organisation sponsored or personally commissioned) incorporating focused preparation, engaging 1-on-1 workshop facilitation (typically over 5 hours across 2 or 3 sessions) and pragmatic Career Plan document drafting.

Outcomes for the participant:

  • Capture of the journey so far
  • Capture of current capabilities, challenges and opportunities
  • Exploration of medium term options
  • Articulation of Purpose and Vision by the end of the outlook period (usually 3 years)
  • Development of meaningful goals by the end of the outlook period
  • Development of smart initiatives for the next 12 months in pursuit of those goals

Emerging Leader Programs for Groups

Design, planning, management and delivery of a tailored and engaging series of group and one-on-one activities to facilitate learning and development for a group of emerging leaders of an organisation (or of multiple organisations).

Outcomes for the organisation:

  • Enhanced prospects of more competence, confidence and connectivity of participating emerging leaders to allow those emerging leaders to deliver in their current roles and be seen as capable, in time, of increased responsibilities

Financial Nous Development Workshops for Groups

A series of facilitated group workshops (typically over 5 hours across 2 in-person sessions or 4 virtual sessions) to develop ‘financial nous’ based on analysis of, and insights on, the Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements of two listed Australian companies

Outcomes for the participants:

  • Development of greater familiarity with Financial Statements, where the principles can be applied from the smallest business or community group to the ‘top end of town’
  • Introduction to analytical review techniques and some of the primary forms of accounting analysis