18 Jun
Planet Maggie 2.0

Maggie Roberts, CEO of Creative Factory and one of Enindico’s favourite people and biggest supporters, commissions a second career development coaching program, five years on from her first one.

12 Jun
Grace van der Merwe

Grace van der Merwe, Community Engagement Coordinator at Yarra Ranges Council, commences her Enindico career development coaching program as a 2020 Scholarship recipient.

05 Jun
Chelsea Corless

Chelsea Corless, Organisational Psychologist and Management Consultant at Spring Point, commences her Enindico career development coaching program as a 2020 Scholarship recipient.

14 May
Eleanor Price

Eleanor Price, Science Student at The University of Sydney and Rower for Sydney University Boat Club, completed her Enindico career development coaching program as a 2019 Scholarship recipient.

21 Apr
Alex Blackwell

Alex Blackwell, who represented Australia a record 251 times and just retired from all cricket, recommences her Enindico career development coaching program.

06 Apr
Enindico Roses and Thorn Virtual Soiree

With Melbourne in Stage 3 Lockdown, Matt arranges the inaugural Enindico Roses and Thorn Virtual Soiree for 20 members of the Enindico Roses and Thorn community – and it goes down well with the participants.  More of these Virtual Soirees to come …

22 Mar
The last Enindico interstate roadtrip for a while?

Matt brings a number of days of work in South Australia with three clients to an abrupt halt and hightails it back to Melbourne when the SA Premier announces a looming closure of the border between SA and Victoria!

12 Mar
International Women’s Day Event

Fitted for Work and Enindico host, for a fourth successive year, an International Women’s Day event.  It helps raise funds for, and awareness of, the amazing work of Fitted for Work in helping Australian women experiencing disadvantage get work, keep work and navigate their world of work.  It also allows for a showcasing of Fitted for Work’s new home in Bridge Road Richmond.

08 Mar
Cricket World Cup win by Australia Women!

Australia beats India by 85 runs at the MCG to win the Women’s T20 World Cup Final in front of more than 86,000 people – including Matt, his son Declan … and Katy Perry …

06 Mar
PKF Melbourne Cricket World Cup Luncheon

Kaitlynn Brady of PKF Melbourne interviews former Australian Captain Jodie Fields at an excellent Luncheon hosted by PKF Melbourne as excitement builds for the Cricket World Cup Final that is only two sleeps away!