04 Nov
Roses and Thorn Virtual Soiree with Liz Aitken, Francesca Maclean and Anabelle Smith

Around 20 members of the Enindico Roses and Thorn community heard excellent talks from Liz Aitken of Moray & Agnew Lawyers, Francesca Maclean of Arup and Olympic diver Anabelle Smith at this Virtual Soiree.

You can see more on Liz, Francesca and Belle via these links:

29 Oct
Gretta Ziller returns to rock the Roses and Thorn community

Much-loved Melbourne singer-songwriter Gretta Ziller ( played another wonderful live-acoustic-virtual gig for members of the Enindico Roses and Thorn community, only seven weeks after a first gig that found her plenty of new fans.

As well as playing current single ‘Unlikely Believer’, gig attendees were lucky enough to hear Gretta do a couple of new songs that will feature on her upcoming new album, as well as cracking interpretations of ‘Can’t Let Go’ by Lucinda Williams and ‘The Heat Is On’ by Glenn Frey of The Eagles. You get an elephant stamp if you remember which 80s film had the latter song on the soundtrack …

28 Oct
Roses and Thorn Virtual Soiree with Marlene Elliott

Over 30 members of the Enindico Roses and Thorn community had the opportunity to hear Matt Gaffney interview Marlene Elliott. Marlene is a Non-Executive Director of Commonwealth Games Australia, Workways Australia and Triathlon Australia, while also being an Associate Director of VUCA.

Marlene provided perspectives on why she “wasn’t a cool kid at school and could not make the A Grade netball team” and her subsequent efforts in her chosen sport that ended up with her playing at Nationals. Marlene then spoke on her careers in banking and professional services and her current focuses, with plenty of learnings shared by Marlene and lots of questions for her from Virtual Soiree participants.

19 Oct
Enindico Fine Fellows Evening Refreshments (Virtual #3)

Almost 30 Fine Fellows from across Melbourne gathered virtually to hear the story of Moon Dog Craft Brewery ( from co-founder Jake Uljans. To complement Jake, Brett Van Duppen from Committee for Melbourne spoke about some of his transportation-focused policy work aimed at us all getting around Melbourne better. Matt Forbes of PKF Melbourne then put the participants through a fantastic online quiz with questions on Moon Dog, Moons and Dogs. Jason O’Connor is the inaugural Fine Fellows Quiz Legend …

19 Oct
Olympic Medallist Anabelle Smith

Elite diver Anabelle Smith represented Australia at the Olympics in London and Rio and won a Bronze Medal at Rio – and is training towards again representing the country at the Olympics in Tokyo.  Belle has commenced a career development coaching program with Matt Gaffney, sponsored by Diving Australia. 

You can see more on Belle here – and

14 Oct
Roses and Thorn Virtual Soiree with Alex Blackwell

Alex Blackwell represented Australia in cricket for 15 years and captained Australia to a first T20 World Cup victory.  Alex now enjoys educating individuals and teams in sport and business – through keynote speaking and leadership mentoring – on how to achieve sustained high performance in challenging environments.  Alex is also a health professional in the area of clinical genetics and the first female elected member of the Board of Cricket NSW. 

Alex was special guest speaker at the Enindico Roses and Thorn Virtual Soiree on Wednesday 14 October, which attracted over 30 members of the Roses and Thorn community. Alex spoke about how her understanding of what it takes to be high performing – individually and as a team – has been shaped by her international cricket career, her experiences as a leader on the field and in the Boardroom and her advocacy for social justice.  Alex described the ingredients she believes are essential for mastery of self and mastery within a team and shared lessons she has accumulated through challenging times around resilience and leadership.

07 Oct
Enindico Fine Fellows Evening Refreshments (Virtual #2)

Over 20 Fine Fellows were part of the second Enindico Fine Fellows Evening Refreshments session in virtual form. They heard from:

22 Sep
Khevana Patel

Khevana Patel, who has Functional Coordination, Administration and Project Management responsibilities at Salesforce in Sydney, commences her Enindico career development coaching program as the nominated Scholarship recipient of Matt’s favourite social enterprise, Fitted for Work (

21 Sep
Inaugural Enindico Fine Fellows Evening Refreshments (Virtual)

Over 40 Fine Fellows gathered – virtually – with a beverage or two at hand to hear from wine writer and presenter Jeremy Oliver (, Tony Rabah in his capacity as Founder and CEO of The Male Hug ( and Rod Hughes of The Cosmopolitan Hotel Trentham (

17 Sep
Legally Yours Advisory Board – Matt Gaffney to be Chair

Karen Finch, CEO of independent legal marketplace Legally Yours (, has established an Advisory Board and asked Matt Gaffney to be inaugural Advisory Board Chair. Other Advisory Board members are John Chisholm, Andrea Perry-Petersen and Maggie Roberts.