14 Jul
Roses and Thorn Virtual Soiree with Kaitlynn Brady and Jodie Purves

New PKF Melbourne Partner Kaitlynn Brady was interviewed by Australian cricket legend Jodie Purves about her journey to Partnership, while finding time to pick apples and play Gaelic Football.  It turned the tables on Kaitlynn interviewing Jodie at a PKF Melbourne Cricket World Cup Luncheon in March 2020, 48 hours before 86,000 people saw Australia win another World Cup at the MCG.

04 Jun
The amazing Gretta Ziller

Amazing Melbourne singer-songwriter Gretta Ziller blew members of the Enindico Roses and Thorn community away with a third exclusive virtual acoustic set for them in the last 12 months. Favourites such ‘Queen of Boomtown’ and ‘Whiskey Shivers’, new single ‘Fan the Fire’ and some sneaky covers were played to a receptive audience. Special thanks to Maddie Kelly for being an awesome MC … and almost stealing the show

19 May
Roses and Thorn Dinner at The Glenferrie

Fifteen members of the Enindico Roses and Thorn community headed to the Glenferrie Hotel in Hawthorn – to be spread across two tables by the fire due to restrictions on gatherings due to COVID restrictions on the night. An excellent evening was had by all, with The Glenferrie’s team looking after us well as always …

12 Apr
Roses and Thorn Virtual Soiree with Leanne Kelly and Jodie Purves

Around 20 members of the Enindico Roses and Thorn community heard from Leanne Kelly of Telstra and Australian cricket legend Jodie Purves.

08 Apr
IQ Meets EQ Podcast – featuring Matt

Jacqui Brauman, the Founder and Managing Partner of TBA Law (, is also Founder and CEO of Legally Wise Women. In tandem with Ush Dhanak (EQ Academy –, Jacqui hosts the IQ Meets EQ Podcast, of which there have been over 50 so far. Matt was honoured to be asked to be interviewed by Jacqui for a Podcast – just the second male interviewee to date.

You can access the interview with Matt and discussions that Jacqui and Ush had either side of the interview here –

24 Mar
Roses and Thorn Virtual Soiree with Jacqui Brauman, Aoife Bodkin and Ellen Hawkins

Jacqui Brauman of TBA Law commenced proceedings by speaking of her love for ocean fishing and recent accomplishments. Aoife Bodkin of PKF Melbourne, who has been Ireland-based since May, then spoke about what she had learned from the extreme challenges of working in a demanding financial statement audit role while managing a time difference that had grown, with daylight saving changes, from 9 to 11 hours. Ellen Hawkins, who has just left Arcadis, then spoke about what she had learned from her time with Arcadis on its Finance Graduate Program and what she is now exploring as a next step.

10 Mar
International Women’s Day 2021

Fitted for Work ( and Enindico co-hosted a fifth successive International Women’s Day event on Wednesday 10 March. Fitted for Work CEO Donna de Zwart spoke of the ongoing challenges facing women and then a video featuring Khevana Patel was played to the attendees. Khevana had undertaken a Fitted for Work program and was selected by the Fitted for Work team to be the beneficiary of the Enindico Career Development Coaching Scholarship that Matt Gaffney had pledged at the International Women’s Day event in March 2020. Khevana spoke of the benefits of both the Fitted for Work program and the Scholarship and expressed her appreciation for both forms of support before wishing everyone ‘Happy International Women’s Day’. Matt then pledged another Enindico Career Development Coaching Scholarship to Fitted for Work and the team will identify a current or past program participant who can be the beneficiary of that Scholarship and undertake a one-on-one career development coaching program with Matt at no cost.

25 Feb
Kristy Hussey, Ceramic Artist

Matt Gaffney has started work with emerging Ceramic Artist Kristy Hussey on a career development coaching program, having awarded Kristy one of the Enindico Career Development Coaching Scholarships for 2021. Matt and Kristy met many years ago when Matt undertook a career development coaching program with former Australian cricketer David Hussey, Kristy’s husband, and Matt and Kristy have built a wonderful friendship in the meantime. Kristy has her first exhibition coming up in Sydney in July and has just opened a studio in the Melbourne suburb of Cheltenham.

You can see examples of Kristy’s work at kristy_hussey_creative on Insta.

22 Feb
Roses and Thorn Virtual Soiree with Lil O’Sullivan of Carlton Football Club

Matt Gaffney interviewed Lil O’Sullivan, Wellbeing & Engagement Manager of Carlton Football Club, on her experiences with AFL Hub life and other elements of the 2020 AFL season and her learnings from what she went through.  There was then the opportunity for the 30+ participants to ask questions of Lil – and she fielded another dozen questions from participants beautifully.

10 Feb
Enindico’s awesome NSW roadtrip

Matt hit the road north from Melbourne on Saturday 30 January for a six day burst of client project work and business development efforts in New South Wales, to some extent making up for limited opportunities to be in NSW since early 2020. The trip allowed Matt to facilitate three career development coaching workshops and four planning workshops in person in Bathurst, Parramatta, downtown Sydney and Newcastle. The driving also allowed him some time with dear friend Kym Witney-Soanes and her amazing daughters Eliza and Harriet in Wagga on the way to Bathurst and some Southern Highlands time with Pen Oxford, another dear friend, on the drive back south.