About Enindico

The Enindico practice was initially established by Matt Gaffney in 2010. Its purpose was to help dynamic businesses and their people grow, with initial offerings of strategic planning and executive coaching. Since then, Enindico has expanded its offerings and framed them as Plan, Develop, Engage and Deliver.

Enindico projects are frequently anchored by an 8 Step Loop methodology developed by Matt to underpin Enindico’s future-focused support. This support is delivered with energy, insights, discipline and collaboration – attributes that helped create the Enindico name – and real connectivity.

A significant proportion of Enindico work since inception has been with various forms of professional practices, driven by Matt’s extensive experience in the professional services sector. These practices have been in accounting and advisory, the law, engineering consulting, healthcare and project management. Multiple projects have been undertaken by Enindico in education (with universities and private schools), and over 20 elite Australian sportsmen and sportswomen have benefitted from participation in a structured and tailored one-on-one career development coaching program with Matt. Enindico has also worked across a breadth of other industries over the years.